Calling Yankee Beat Writers…

Will the Yankees call up Hughest this season? 

His name is getting thrown about in a few of the
mlblogs as a possible call-up to replace Chacon in the
rotation.  This is not surprising, given Chacon’s
performance last night.  But the papers haven’t even
mentioned that as a possibility.  I think this is
because the Yankees made it clear in spring training
that he would not pitch for the big league club this
year.  The reasons being:

  1. They thought he would need to develop his pitches
    (especially curveball) and his location in the minors.
  2. They wanted to bring his arm along slowly so as to
    not over-stress him.  Obviously as a young pitcher,
    he’ll pitch the most innings he’s ever pitched this
    year.  This is why they have an 80 pitch limit for him
    in the minors. 
  3. They didn’t want to heap too much pressure on the
    psyche of a 19 yr old.  The Cardinals experience with
    Rick Ankiel was a lesson to a lot of other clubs with
    a promising pitching prospect. 
  4. He has a very high trade value right now.  Bringing
    him up before he is ready could diminish that.

Given all these reasons I doubt the Yankees will
change their stance on Hughes, although I am curious
to know if they are waivering a bit.  Clearly this is
a topic a beat writer needs to pursue.  I think we’ll
get more information today as the Yankees consider
their options for next Sunday.

Other than that, I have no desire to write about last
night’s game.


One comment

  1. Jason

    I alos would kind of like to know what the Yanks are thinking as I am one of the proponents on bringing him up. I like the reasons you’ve outlined. They all make sense.

    I have to think the Yankee FO has discussed calling him up. The back end of the rotation is in dire need of help, and he is probably the best “in-house” option there is. I don’t think they need to make him an everyday starter, but getting him a game or two can’t hurt.

    It’d be nice to know Cashman’s thoughts.


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