Breakfast At Wimbledon

Papajohns My breakfast at Wimbledon consisted of cold Papa John’s Pizza.  The local pizza options where I live are slim and sometimes I have to resort to Papa John’s – but I’m not proud of it.  Anyhow, it did the trick and it looks like Federer is going to roll, as expected.

My girlfriend is out of town for work so I have the place to myself.  Obviously I’m not going to move from the couch with the exception of a quick run to sweat out last night’s alcohol  There’s a lot of good sports to be watched today.  I just wish there was something to carry me from 5-7.

Kris Wilson makes the start in a few hours.  I was surprised to read that he’s already made 20 big league starts.  I don’t know why, but I thought it was much less than that.  Anyhow, maybe Contreras will do us a favor and win a game against the BoSox so we can have a chance of closing the gap to 2.


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