C’mon Howard!

For some reason, I do my betting through Bodog sportsbook.  Compared to Pinnacle, Bodog takes much more juice.  Yet I haven’t switched my account because it’s more trouble than it’s worth. 

Anyhow, I can’t let any event with the suffix "Derby" pass without betting on it.  That being said, here are the Bodog odds for the HR derby tonight. (Please do not leave comments about how you saw better levels elsewhere)

Ortiz +270
Howard +350
Tejada +450
Berkman +500
Cabrera +550
Wright +650
Dye +1000
Glaus +1000

My pick for the derby is Howard. I guess he’s the "sexy" pick, but I’m a ****** for him.  I’ll put $25 on him.  I think he will either run away with it, or not make it out the first round. 

The other guys I can see winning it are Berkman, and Dye as a long shot.  The only player who has zero chance of winning is Wright.  I just can’t imagine him sustaining that power long enough to go on a long run. 

Here’s to hoping Ortiz makes it to the finals, loses, and screws up his swing for weeks. 


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