I’m Baaaaaack…

Only a bad inverter board could keep me from posting.  But it’s fixed (under warranty – booya) and now I’m back in business.

Since I’ve been gone the Yankees swept the ChiSox and pulled within a half game of the AL East lead.  And they’ve got a great chance of getting the AL East lead tonight, as the BoSox haven’t come back from the All-Star break yet.

There’s news of Cano being ready by the end of the week, Dotel by the end of July, Matsui in August and Sheff on Sept 1.  That’s the best trade deadline additions I can think of.  Of course I could add Pavano to that list, but I can’t imagine him contributing this year.  I have similar feeling about Dotel since, like Pavano, it’s been more than a year since he pitched.  And of course Sir Sidney was added since my last post.

So things are going well in Yankeeland.  I hope it was unrelated to my absence.  But of course since I started this point, the BoSox score went from 0-4 to 4-4 on a Mirabelli 3-run dong.

In other news, it’s very hot outside.


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