Nats Game – Lou Sighting

Went to a Nats game yesterday.  The RFK experience has its share of critics, but I’m not one of them.  I think a lot of the seats have great views of the stadium, the seats are comfortable, and the parking lot is big/quick/good for tailgating.  I got two great seat in the first row of the upper level for $15/per, and it takes 10 minutes to go to and from the stadium.

The highlight of the day was after the game when we were leaving the stadium and I locked eyes with Lou Piniella coming right at me.  I said, "Hey – Lou Piniella."  He said, "Hey, how you doing" and we walked right past each other.  It was pretty awesome. Lou1 I’m guessing he was there with FOX for some reason.  Or maybe he’s a candidate for the Nats job.  He was wearing red.  It would be pretty cool if he were going to be Franks’ replacement.  I might have to go to a lot more Nats games.

Next week I’m going to Fenway because my girlfriend is from MA, and I expect to pay $100/per.  It should be good to contrast the two experiences. 

Today’s Yankee game couldn’t be tougher to watch.  9 times out of 10 Joe pulls the right strings, but today it seems he made a mistake pulling Ponson for Wilson.  Obviously hindsight is 20/20, but Ponson would have done a better job. 



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