Psychic Powers? I’m just happy I know how to spell “Psychic”

Psychic I believe I had the Yankees picking up a game against the BoSox during the Cleveland series.  I need to brag when I have the opportunity, since I will surely get more wrong than right.  I will cash my chips out now and quit while I’m ahead, rather than making a prediction for this series.

Great pitching tonight.  I’ve done an absolute 180 on Wright since April.  After his first couple of starts I didn’t think he was bringing anything to the table and wondered why he was still getting starts.  But since then he’s shown a lot of toughness on the mound.  He might not always be spectacular and he hasn’t gone deep into games, but he’s been getting a lot of K’s and throwing up scoreless innings. 

He should blame all the flack he takes on Carl Pavano.  Wright wasn’t signed to be the ace of the staff.  He wasn’t even signed to be the 3rd starter.  He was signed as a back end of the rotation, 4th or 5th starter.  Unfortunately since Pavano hasn’t given NY anything, a lot of the spotlight has been on Wright and his inconsistancy.  But I’ll take Wright over a lot of other team’s 4th starter. 

Other than that, I’m real tired of NY not scoring runs against pitchers they haven’t faced before.

I haven’t been able to give the blog too much attention in the last 24 hours.  I’ll catch up this weekend.  I need to add a few pictures.  Y’know, put some lipstick on this pig.



Recap Free

I watched the broadcast on ESPN tonight.  Steve Phillips and Dan Shulman know baseball, but I don’t think they do a great broadcast.  They talk too much, overanalyze, and paint with broad strokes. 

Although I’ll take Shulman and Raftery for a Big East basketball game any day of the week.

I was pleased with the game, but a recap is unnecessary.  My only thought was, "Why bring Mo in to close out the ninth?"  I know he needs work to keep from getting rusty, but he had a lot of work last week.  Anyhow, it was a moot point as he only threw 12 stress-free pitches and is due for a rest at the All-Star break.

Here’s to hoping Damon isn’t really injured.

Calling Yankee Beat Writers…

Will the Yankees call up Hughest this season? 

His name is getting thrown about in a few of the
mlblogs as a possible call-up to replace Chacon in the
rotation.  This is not surprising, given Chacon’s
performance last night.  But the papers haven’t even
mentioned that as a possibility.  I think this is
because the Yankees made it clear in spring training
that he would not pitch for the big league club this
year.  The reasons being:

  1. They thought he would need to develop his pitches
    (especially curveball) and his location in the minors.
  2. They wanted to bring his arm along slowly so as to
    not over-stress him.  Obviously as a young pitcher,
    he’ll pitch the most innings he’s ever pitched this
    year.  This is why they have an 80 pitch limit for him
    in the minors. 
  3. They didn’t want to heap too much pressure on the
    psyche of a 19 yr old.  The Cardinals experience with
    Rick Ankiel was a lesson to a lot of other clubs with
    a promising pitching prospect. 
  4. He has a very high trade value right now.  Bringing
    him up before he is ready could diminish that.

Given all these reasons I doubt the Yankees will
change their stance on Hughes, although I am curious
to know if they are waivering a bit.  Clearly this is
a topic a beat writer needs to pursue.  I think we’ll
get more information today as the Yankees consider
their options for next Sunday.

Other than that, I have no desire to write about last
night’s game.

6 for Kobayashi

Few sporting events live up to their hype, but today’s hot dog eating contest did for me.  I was hoping Kobayashi would raise his game with legitimate competition lurking, and he did.  He broke his own world record with 53 and 3/4 dogs.  And kudos to Joey Chestnut with getting his personal best 52 dogs.  I hope to see some great battles between these two in the future.

My girlfriend didn’t want to watch because she was hoping to have a hot dog later today at a BBQ.  But she watched – and I think Joey Chestnut and his convulsion style of eating ruined any possibility of that afternoon hot dog. 

Yup, I’m a lot of fun to hang out with.

As American As Nathan’s Hot Dogs

KobayashishoveNothing says it’s the 4th of July like watching Kobayashi down 50+ hot dogs.  It’s time for the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island.  And this might be the first year he has some competition.  Joey Chesnut downed 50 dogs in qualifying.  Kobayashi is going to win, but I think it could be close this year.  It’s at noon on ESPN.

I signed my girlfriend up to receive the email newsletter from the International Federation of Competitive Eating.  I think she’s real happy to be dating me.

A few other stories, Joel Sherman writes about how the Yankees set the wheels in motion for the AL’s dominance over the NL. 

The Yankees landed a highly touted, 16 year old recruit from Venezuala.  The same article mentions that Tony Pena’s son, Francisco, drew interest from the Yankees but will probably sign with the Cubs instead.  The NY Post also said Cashman was unlikely to sign him, but said the Nats would get him.

Bob Klapisch writes about the A-Rod saga from Donnie Baseball’s perspective.


Michael Kay Is A Jinx

Did everyone watching YES know a HR was coming off Wang in the 6th when Kay started talking about how few HRs he gives up?  Because that’s the first thing that entered my mind.  Two pitches later Hollandsworth goes deep. 

I’d like to think The Boss has a Michael Kay voodoo doll that gets stabbed with a pin or two after something like that. 

Picking Up A Game

I think the Yankees pick up a game on the Sox in this series.  The pitching matchup shakes down like so.

  • Wang  v. Sowers
  • Chacon v. Westbrook
  • Moose v. Byrd

Who knows what Chacon will give them, but I feel good about the other two games.  The BoSox / DRays matchups are:

  • Beckett v. Kazmir
  • Schilling v. Fossum
  • Johnson v. Corcoran ( I don’t have a clue who that is, probably Hendrickson’s replacement)

I can’t support  my hunch with any facts or statistics, but I think the Yankees have a good chance of picking up a game here.  Either that, or I jinxed them.

Oh, and I just read some other blogs and it seems that I’m not the only one screaming about the Liriano omission.  Good to see my blog is a source of original thought and perspective.